The Company

SAG is a Swiss corporation whose mission is to provide effective, reliable, down to earth and innovative security services covering all possible fields.

Always focusing on customer satisfaction, we deliver cost-effective detailed and tailored advice from decision making to deployment and implementation supported by our entire corporate structure.

We provide sound border control and immigration systems.

We develop, train, deploy, maintain and audit projects related to security technologies for documents such as passports, personal identification documents or driving licenses, databases and material and personal security. We offer customized solutions based on accurate understanding of customer needs and we are fully committed to our customers beyond the solutions we provide.

We have wide expertise in identity verification, checkpoints, intelligent monitoring of critical areas and equipment, urban security and monitoring, 911 systems, telecommunications control and radio communication networks, planning, building and revamping of airports, ports, railways and bus terminals.

We deliver tailored solutions based on the latest technologies and the best infrastructure and technical service.

With headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, we also conduct operations all over Europe, North, Central and Latin America.

Our services, products and solutions enjoy a proven track record in private companies as well as government agencies in Switzerland, England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Japan.



Zug - Switzerland


Central America
Guatemala - Guatemala
San Salvador - El Salvador
Tegucigalpa – Honduras → coming soon

South America
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Quito – Ecuador
Montevideo - Uruguay

London - United Kingdom
Madrid - Spain

Johannesburg - South Africa Nairobi - Kenya

Singapore – Singapore → coming soon
Dubai – UAE