Technological Partner

We work with our technological partner NEC, a Japanese corporation established in 1899 with operations in 199 countries in all five continents and a workforce of over 145,000 employees.

Focusing primarily in communications, mass consumers, government and corporations, NEC has vast expertise in security solutions, e-government, multi biometric technologies and professional services.

NEC´s proprietary technologies provide perfect solutions for the different governmental areas with identical quality standards all over the world.

The Swiss/Japanese SAG-NEC consortium has the necessary experience and expertise to deliver innovative solutions in different countries, proof of which can be given by the governments of 24 countries such as Korea, Singapore, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, France, and Mexico (RENAPO), El Salvador (DOCUSAL technology), Costa Rica (Judiciary), Ecuador (Office of Vital Records of Guayaquil), Bolivia (National Electoral Court), Chile (Border Control, Santiago Airport and Office of Vital Records), Argentina (National Identity Document, Presidential Palace, National Congress), Brazil (Office of Vital Records) in Central and Latin America