Urban monitoring & 911

SAG provides an integrated turnkey solution comprising hardware, software, applications and related startup service.
SAG solution comprises:

  • Emergency call center using a single telephone number

  • Monitoring and dispatching mobile response units from security forces

  • Monitoring critical areas using digital video surveillance

  • Detection of vehicles with restrictions using license plate reading

The outstanding advantage of this solution lies on the fact that it increases the security of citizens using the latest response technologies to deliver quick and coordinated actions to effectively integrate devices, manpower, information and processes of the different security forces involved. 

    Some additional advantages are:

  • Maximize the emergency response capacity of police officers and security forces by deploying resources effectively and prioritizing key incidents correctly.

  • Keep civilian security records and statistics for wise decision making and effective public policy and strategy implementation towards enhanced civilian security.

  • Support civilian participation in crime control by introducing appropriate channels to report crime that trigger a response on the part of the security forces to reduce the exposure and vulnerability of homes and property.